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Featured: The Transcends EP

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“Her delicate, yet mesmerizing voice and the ease with which her fingers find all the right notes along her guitar’s neck will have your head in the clouds.” (read the full article here)

Guitar Player Magazine

“…she fearlessly presents a number of styles, feels, and moods—all anchored by a rainbow of Stratocaster sounds.” (read the full article here)

She Shreds

“With a gorgeous singing voice, a guitar style that is both dynamic and technically precise, and music that blends genres, she is one to watch out for.” (read the full article here)

Texas Monthly

“Austin’s got no shortage of indie blues musicians whose music sounds great from a coffeehouse stage, but it only has a few who can put together the total package of eclectic, soulful jams and a stridently powerful voice the way that Jackie Venson can.” (read the full article here)

Guitar World Magazine

“Venson, a Berklee College of Music graduate, channels the soulful sounds of Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse in her tunes. She also has an impressive set of skills under her belt…” (read the full article here)


“Venson is no dilettante, wannabe performer, however a real staple of what a musician can achieve when they put in their 10, 000 hours for both musical schooling, and late night pub sessions for practical honing” (read the full article here)

“…there are many other musicians out there who have toiled for decades and still don’t have half the musical smarts of this 25 year old guitarist.” (read the full article here)

“…you will see a deeply passionate singer and guitar player who truly feels every word she sings and every note she plays.” (read the full article here)

“For viewers and listeners alike, the thing to be astonished about this musician is a piece of cake. Just watch Jackie’s fingers on her guitar and marvel at the speed and sound that she turns into musical magic.” (read the full article here)


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